A Tasty Blend of Cookies & Tacos

as Midwest Meets South

October 4th, 2018 - by Martha McCann, Michael '13
Sponsor: Midwest Parents & Southern States Parents

Photos on the Cookie Cafe Facebook page

With the gorgeous view of Long Island Sound and the Throggs Neck Bridge as a backdrop, the Midshipmen of Kings Point streamed into Melville Hall yesterday in anticipation of sweet goodness. Thanks to our sponsors - The Midwest Parents and the Southern States Parents - Chaplain Pahs joked that there weren't enough choices among the 300+ dozen cookies laid out for the Regiment. He mentioned how the Mids love Cookie Cafe.

Ever creative, one of our sponsor parents Angie Blenkush noticed that it was National Taco Day and supplied the students with 2 kinds of tacos along with appropriate toppings that were a huge hit. Thank you to all the sponsor parents who contributed to this fun event.  As the Mids entered Melville they were informed that tacos were also available. "You parents keep exceeding all our expectations" was a comment from a student. How true!

We are blessed with an extraordinary group of parents who arrive each week to help us from all parts of the country. Yesterday, parents from Missouri and South Carolina appeared, willing to do anything to help us. Sometimes we have parents who spent many years in the military and were probably fairly high up, often in the officer ranks. But they show that they are humble enough to cut up boxes, take out the garbage, and wash pans in the slop sink (and they take direction from the moms especially well!). How lucky we are to have such dedicated parents -  confirmation as to why Kings Point has such a great student body. 

We are hearing that we will be back in Land Hall in about 3 weeks and  will be able to offer more fruit when we return to that space. We have limited ourselves to offerings that don't have to be cut up since our washing and prep facilities are very limited.

And by the way, those St. Louis Gooey Cookies were delicious (among others). Will the baker please place the recipe in our new cookbook.

(Dana Strong, thank you for sending me the recipe! - It will be in the new KP Cookbook!
Muffi, webmaster)

Next CC will be a Halloween theme. 

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