Fleet Week/Alums/Winding Down

May 25th, 2017 - by Martha McCann, Michael '13
Sponsor: 2nd Co Parents
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Stepping spritely onto the USS Zephyr, the Navy ship docked at Kings Point for Fleet Week, the Cookie Cafe moms took a few minutes away from setting up for the day to tour the ship. Braving driving rain and a slippery deck, the moms thoroughly enjoyed the tour given by the EO. Luckily, no one had to be fished out of the drink. The Zephyr is commanded by LTCDR Cameron Ingram, an '04 graduate of the Academy, who was thrilled to be able to return in this way to Kings Point. Of course, the volunteers brought cookies for the crew, who didn't waste time digging into them.

Continuing our program of sending cookies to any deployed Kings Pointer alum, we shipped out several boxes of goodies to 1st Lt. Nicholas Cunningham and his soldiers in the Army. It is extremely heartwarming to be able to connect with any alumni serving overseas and provide a sweet reminder of Kings Point. Nick has fond memories of Cookie Cafe and said that it was one way he held on through the difficulties of academic life at the Academy.

We had over 400 visitors to Cookie Cafe, but not too many 1st Classmen as they were in the final throes of license prep. With the exams starting on Tuesday, the hours to sitting down in O'Hara for the last gauntlet to graduation were becoming short. Of course, our prayers are with them for a successful finish. We will have our season ending CC next Thursday and will not be on campus for bell ringing this year, but will leave cookies in the Land Hall refrigerator so that the mids can celebrate on Friday with some of your precious treats.

There is an outside chance that we will have an impromptu CC the following week in an effort to clear out the freezers for the summer but we don't need any more cookies as we will try to finish what we have.

Thank you to the 2nd company moms for providing a wonderful Cookie Cafe. Your creativity and attention to detail was stellar and you never disappoint!

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