The First Cookie Cafe Kick Off!

September 13th, 2018 - by Martha McCann, Michael '13
Sponsor: Tri-State Parents

Photos on the Cookie Cafe Facebook page

With great anticipation, the moms of Cookie Cafe kicked off the first event of the school year with a Cookie Cafe sponsored by the Tri-State Parents Association.  Mom Sandie Irizarry laughed that there were cookies stashed all over campus, including some athletic offices due to Land Hall's closure.

Ever Semper Gumby, the moms made the day happen in delicious fashion at Melville Hall since our regular venue of Land Hall is still being rehabbed. We welcomed several new volunteers to our roster of faithful with the additions of Chaplain Pahs' wife and Captain Stroud's mom. We are grateful for their help.

Over 550 visitors streamed into Cookie Cafe today. The plebes, experiencing their first CC, were easily recognizable with their distinctive hair cuts, not to mention their happy faces as they ate the wonderful cookies Tri-State provided along with lots of fresh fruit. Sans proper facilities (no real refrigerators or adequate sinks), we streamlined the day by only having lemonade and iced tea and no milk or coffee, but in two weeks at the next event, we hope to be back to our full complement of offerings. Many of the Mids look forward to that glass of milk or a jolt of joe.

While we pulled together our supplies, several needed items were parked in our NY Parents' cage in Land Hall's basement. Mom Lisa Pino and the Chaplain's wife opened the locked area, only to be face-to-face with a raccoon who somehow had found his way into this storage unit. Luckily, the moms escaped without harm and we hope animal control removed our newest "plebe."

Never a dull moment at Kings Point!

We will let everyone know in the next few days where Cookie Cafe will take place. We cannot use Melville Hall on September 27th as Pete Rackett's memorial luncheon will be in there that day.

We shared Melville with our wonderful supporter USAA, represented by Sherri Zimmerman. USAA has been very generous toward CC and we are thankful for the aid they have given to us over so many years.

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