Colorado Celebrates KP 75th Birthday!

September 27th, 2018 - by Martha McCann, Michael '13
Sponsor: Colorado Parents

Photos on the Cookie Cafe Facebook page

Have cookie will travel was the watchword for Cookie Cafe today. As we had experienced in 2011 when Land Hall was closed for a year, the mids found the moms at Fitch Hall, site of the Employee Lounge, where we served fruit and homemade treats to the Regiment. With the line out the door and wide smiles inside, the day was a success. Over 400 mids and staff enjoyed the treats thanks to the Colorado Parents Association. Their cookies were beautifully and carefully made and it showed.

We had several surprise visitors, among them the new Academic Dean, Dr. John Ballard. He came into CC and told us that he had been advised that this was the best morale function on campus. We welcomed him and hope he continues to visit us, providing an opportunity for him to interact with the mids in a casual setting.

A very special visitor also surprised us, camouflaging her arrival behind a huge sheet cake, but it's hard for a 6 foot red head to not make a splashy entrance. Our faithful friend Muffi Grinnell and her husband Bruce were returning from Rhode Island on their way back home to Virginia and of course, Kings Point was on the way! It is hard to overstate how instrumental Muffi has been to helping Cookie Cafe thrive. From publishing the pictures, stories and schedule while maintaining our website, she has now agreed to publish our newest cookbook.

We published our first book in 2012 but now all the mids and their parents currently at Kings Point will have the opportunity to see their own favorite recipes and pictures from the Regiment and hopefully from their sea year experiences. So, don't be shy and get in your recipes and any pictures of your mids to Muffi for inclusion in our 2nd book. All alumni are also invited to take a picture of themselves currently working in the industry and send us their favorite recipes. The first cookbook was distributed to congressmen and senators too and was a vehicle for spreading good will and positive news of Kings Point to our elected officials.

Muffi's email for recipes /photos is

A little housekeeping note to all parents sending us cookies and packages - Please know that we make a hearty good faith effort to safeguard your cookies until the correct day of sponsorship, to property display your handiwork which took tons of hours to produce and to connect your mids with their lovingly assembled packages from home. With being separated from our locked freezers in Land Hall, several boxes have floated around the campus, sometimes ending up in unsecured refrigerators. Consequently, some boxes have not been delivered to their intended recipients or to the CC moms. Hopefully, our traveling Cookie Cafe days are numbered and we can again return to Land Hall, but we fear that it's at least a month away. In the meantime, please don't send your mids anything that you worry might get lost or mislaid. Cookies can be replaced, but checks, etc. are more difficult. All important items should be sent via the post office at Kings Point (the school's regular postal address.)

A reminder of what's most important, the plebes are looking more settled and several said that the trepidation of the first weeks and months is fading and they are feeling more comfortable. Cookie Cafe is always glad to help with that process.

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