SUNY Cookie Cafe

November 19, 2015
Sponsor: Kings Point Parents - Total 550+ doz
Coordinator, Margie Soobitsky & Leslie Hart
Story by Martha McCann, Michael '13

Expressions of joy on the faces of the SUNY Maritime Midshipmen at viewing 550+ dozen cookies were tempered with the realization that the Kings Point parents were there to honor the Ft. Schuyler alumnus who perished on the El Faro in October. While the students were at first confused by the gargantuan display of goodies sent from all across the United States, they quickly acquired the art of balancing many cookies on a small plate, something their brethren at Kings Point have developed into an art form.

The Cookie Cafe moms received many expressions of thanks from the SUNY students and the mids couldn't believe that this extravaganza happens weekly at Kings Point. As one SUNY mid told us, "This the best day I have ever had at Maritime!" Many times we heard, "Thank you for doing this for us" throughout the day.

But one young man, who sought us out to speak with us moms told us how grateful he was that we had recognized the pain of losing a fellow mariner. For him, the sinking of the
El Faro
came too close to home as he relayed that his dad, a ship's captain, had been the relief captain on the El Faro. His dad had just switched off the doomed ship two weeks before its demise. For his family, the loss was especially acute. We posted on the wall at Maritime next to the display table all the heartfelt notes included with the cookies we unpacked. The sincere words of comfort were tangible proof that we all share a common bond as a mariner family.

We thank the staff and food service management at SUNY who all made us feel most welcome. Ivan, their pastry chef (yes, they have a pastry chef) came out to see all the wonderful treats that had been so beautifully baked by the Kings Point parents. We even opened a box of cookies from a Mass Maritime parent who wanted to contribute to the good work started by the KP moms. Thank you to all who answered the call of Leslie Hart and produced, over the last three weeks, at least 1500 dozen cookies that went to the three maritime schools affected by the El Faro sinking plus our own Cookie Cafe at KP. We were also joined by several Ft. Schuyler moms whose help was most appreciated as their student body is twice Kings Point's and therefore required more work to set up. Those moms laughingly referred to us KP moms as "crazy" which we all took as a lovely compliment and we now have made new friends at that "Academy under the Throggs Neck Bridge."

We were also approached by several former Kings Pointers, who, for whatever reason had left Kings Point and were now finishing up at SUNY. They were so excited to see us there and remembered fondly the few relaxing moments they had had at Land Hall every Thursday. It was wonderful to see that they had successfully changed course and were completing their educations.

While the SUNY CC took place on Wednesday, November 18th, several of us came to Kings Point the next day to run the KP Cookie Cafe. A special mention needs to go to Lisa Pino, whose middle son is a first classman at Maritime. With a brother who graduated from KP in June, 2014 and another brother who is a plebe at KP, Michael Pino '16 finally got his own CC at Maritime! Lisa communicated with Capt. Smith, the SUNY commandant to make sure everything went off without a hitch, in addition to baking multiple loaves of pumpkin bread and cookies. The smile she received from Michael was ample reward.

Thank you too to Michael McCann, KP '13 who came to SUNY and helped us set up. Having spent a set-back semester at Ft. Schyler, he was happy to see staff and students he knew there.

And finally, a big shout out to the North Texas parents who sent a beautiful selection of delicious cookies and treats to King Point for Thursday's CC. There were many happy faces in the Regiment that day.

With Thanksgiving next week, we all have much to be grateful for and as the Pilgrims did so many years ago, we will stop for a few hours to remember the El Faro and give thanks to the Almighty for our own loved ones safe passage.

Abel, Melanie Mason, Sana 10 Rohr, Maureen  
Anderson, Daisy McCann, Martha 10 Babowice, Hope 6
Benard, Cindy 10 McKeever, Kevin Knudsen, Colette 6
Calhoun, Paige 5 Mullins, Annette 15 DuBois, Susan 10
Carroll, Debbie 10 Pino, Lisa Nickle, Donna 8
Castell, Tina 20 Slade, Janet 10 Fox, Suzanne 10
Collier, Linh 6 Slezak, Louise 10 Leunig, Liz  
Dailey, Suzanne (MMA) Thibeault, Kathleen 10 Martin, Jane 10
Earnest, Chris 5 Thorne, Christine-NY 10 Hall, Marilyn  
Eilts, Gigi 5 Timmons, Karyn Robbins, Tammy 4
Franz, Kristin 10 Tomasovic, Denise 10 Cassidy, Veronica  
Giordano, Beth 10 Treat, Kim 10 Reishus, Jana 15
Hart, Leslie Trieber, Julia 10 Turner, Connie 10
Henkle, Jodi 10 Waterbury, Monica Meehan, Marsha
Justi, Ro 12 Testa, Dawn 5 Stone, Diane  
Kilbert, Teresa   Probst, Ramona 6 Daneau, Ellen  
Sweeney, Jeanne          

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