How It All Began...a Most Wonderful Way to Stay Involved and Stay Close

Carol Guest, aka "MOM Guest," had some time on her hands. In September of 2007 she thought she needed something to do between the Band of Sisters meeting that she monitored, and catching a ride home. Armed with a gallon of milk and some cookie dough made the night before, she set up some paper plates and cups in Land Hall and began baking. As the hall is open to Midshipmen who want to study, relax or take a cat nap, she worked very quietly. It didn't take long before the smell of freshly baked cookies perked up the students' noses and led them to her wonderful confections. For those in dreamland, she placed a cup of milk and warm cookies by their side.

Imagine their surprise when they woke up...

MOM Guest didn't spread the word, but it wasn't long before the news traveled fast. Rules of the house? Everything is ON the house. Do not stand at attention or salute, enjoy as much food and drink as you like and relax. MOM's delight is getting a hug from the students, and they will often line up to make sure she get those hugs.

By spring of 2008, the numbers had gone from 5-10 attendees to over 250. And MOM Guest had her work cut out. After three straight days of baking at home, she would stuff her van to the brim with cookies, drinks and kitchen equipment (you might even say "everything but the kitchen sink" and be perfectly accurate!). And the crowd went wild. More than the cookies, the Mids ate up the little bit of home that they missed so much. "I'm able to make it through the week knowing Cookie Cafe is coming. It keeps me going when the regimental lifestyle starts to get me down," says one Mid as he hugs MOM Guest. "I feel like I am home," says another.

As the end of the school year approached, more and more parents started to pitch in by sending cookies and supplies, and a plan was put into place for the 2008-2009 Cookie Cafe schedule. The Kings Point Parents Associations across the country were invited to help out by sponsoring Cookie Cafe. And they responded in a big, big way! Were it not for the generosity of KP parents, Cookie Cafe might indeed have suffered greatly. No Mid is ever turned away without treats - all because of you parents who love to bake. And you must IS fun!

After all these years, Cookie Cafe is bigger and better than ever! Carol calls this perfect balance a "well-oiled machine" and a "three-legged stool:"
1. Parents who bake cookies and send them
2. Parents who come and help on site each week
3. Parents who help organize behind the scenes and keep up the communication.
It's a most wonderful way to stay involved and stay close.