Memorial for Steven Shultz, KP '84

Feb 25th, 2016 - by Martha McCann, Michael '13


Happy voices entering Land Hall today were quickly subdued when the midshipmen viewed the poster dedicated to Steven Shultz, Class of 1984 who died fighting overwhelming odds while serving on the El Faro. The somber realization was that there is a side to mariner life that is sometimes fraught with danger. The reality that dealing with the sea is serious business settled on the mids as they signed their names to the poster in tribute to Captain Shulz.

Thanks to Leslie Hart and her husband Les, who collected donations from local businesses in Pennsylvania, Cookie Cafe was able to forego the usual fare of home made cookies and instead presented the students with a wall of chips, a large sheet cake and other treats purchased for the occasion, which gave the baking moms a short break. In addition to the buffet of fruit that is fast becoming a favorite of the mids, sometimes supplanting even a great chocolate chip cookie, the Regiment was able to enjoy special drinks and chocolates the Harts brought from PA. Leslie showed up to Land Hall with her car packed and every square inch filled with fun goodies that had the mids wide-eyed (and the teachers too!).

Deputy Maritime Administrator, Mike Rodriguez, KP '79 and several other MARAD visitors came to Cookie Cafe to spend a few minutes with the Regiment, with Mike speaking to the students as to how two of his own classmates were lost at sea, one on the Marine Electric. Mike also commented that the tragedy has brought all the maritime schools, usually viewed as rivals, fraternally closer. Regardless of pedigree, everyone looks out for each other when becoming shipmates. Cookie Cafe's outreach to the other schools has fostered a stronger relationship among the institutions, according to Mike. He wished the mids a safe journey, as many of them will be leaving for sea shortly and will face their own adventures.

The signed poster will be sent to Mrs. Shultz, along with our acknowledgment that she is part of the bigger Kings Point family and included in our prayers as she wrestles with her grief. Thank you to all the parents who made this Cookie Cafe a unique experience.

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