More Ways to Support Cookie Cafe

There are so many parents and friends who have donated their time, creative ideas and supplies to Cookie Cafe! Thank you all for making such a tremendous impact on the success of running the event. Parents have donated kitchen utensils and equipment. A Florida Mom, PamBianco, arranged for a local high school choral group to sing Christmas Carols at the December 2008 Holiday event, which resulted in a fantastically festive afternoon! Moms and Dads from out of state make a special effort to spend the day at Cookie Cafe setting up, baking, laughing with the students and cleaning up at the end of a busy day.

It's generous gestures like these that make every Cookie Cafe better and better.

The Florida Parents Association and Pam Bianco made the December 11th Cookie Cafe a magical day for the holidays, and have continued to do so for years!

An extra-special heartfelt thanks goes out to those who have rolled up their sleeves and worked Cookie Cafe events:
Sally Pari - Gary Bowers - Pam Bianco - Margena Worley
Pam and Dwayne Maxwell - Gene Guest - Mary and Frank Gardner - Chaplain Sias - Shannon Stevens
Andrew Guest - Susan Brennan-McDermott - Cynthia & Katie Price - Angie Moulton - Steve Hebert

A very special thanks to the weekly assistance from Johanna Essex, whose husband graduated from KP in 1954!

We would also like to recognize the parents who have so generously donated kitchen items, table cloths, our two signs, and supplies:

Richard Bell - Brenda VanAntwerp - Jennifer Kapel - Susan & Kevin Reilly - Larry & Carol Cummings
Karen Greenwood - North Texas Parents Association - South Texas Parents Association
New York Parents Association - Arizona Parents Association

Grandparents Max and Ernestine Clubb - Doreen McGehee - Nancy French - Ed Heinemann
Betsy Carbone - Louise & Joseph Purcell - Lauren Psomas

To USAA - we can't thank you enough for the donation of the wonderful big storage cabinet in Land Hall!

If I have left anyone out who has helped in these ways, forgive me and please email me so I can add your name!